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About BiA

BiA is an acronym for Being in Action. This is one of the core principals we teach in our training. The basic skill of a doula is to be present, in her own body, in the space, with the woman / birthing person and the partner. The doula is present with the process unfolding, without judgement or expectation of a specific result. When our doulas come into action it is from this place of being present.

BiA Training is run by Jennifer Walker, Marlies Phielix and Joyce Hoek-Pula. They are -internationally- renowned doulas and trainers with extensive experience. They have worked together in different settings over the years and have created a loving, stable and solid bond together where trust, wisdom and playfulness can flow freely.

BiA Doula Training

BiA Doula Training is a comprehensive national and international doula training in The Netherlands to become a professional birth doula. We aim to train doulas who work with integrity, compassion and confidence; who know how to be present, give support and reflect on themselves and situations; who have thorough knowledge of the birthing process in all settings; who are respectful, aware of their role in connection with their clients and the other care providers/birth team and know the value of life-long learning. We honour the experience that you bring and help you discover what your learning process is and what kind of doula yóu are going to be. We train doulas in The Netherlands and world-wide. We teach in both Dutch and English.

A few advantages of training with BiA Training:

  • Renowned trainers with extensive experience, who actively practice as doulas and who continue to develop themselves
  • Embodied learning: building on self study, the in-person training is interactive, hands-on, playful and aimed to integrate and deepen the knowledge
  • Mentoring, both one-on-one with your personal mentor as well as group mentoring
  • Comprehensive, unique training manual
  • Part of a (international) community

Know more about our training: Open Days & Podcast

Are you interested in learning more about our doula training? You’re very welcome to speak with the trainers on one of our Open Days – we offer both online and in-person open days. You can also listen to this podcast to hear one of our trainers speak about doulas and the training that doulas receive.

Click here for upcoming dates for the Open Days.

You can also contact us via doula@biadoulatraining.com if you would like any additional information. Or schedule a personal phone call with one of the trainers to get to know more about the training and to answer any questions that you may have.

Trainings and workshops

BiA Training offers a wide variety of trainings and workshops for professionals who work with women & partners in pregnancy, birth and post partum: doulas, midwives, gynaecologists, nurses, maternity nurses, childbirth educators, pregnancy yoga teachers, chiropractors, masseurs. Subscribe to our newsletter, check this website, our facebook page or instagram account for the latest updates.

What our students say

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Happy, proud and excited to present the new logo for BiA Doula training! BiA is an acronym for Being in Action. This is one of the core principals we teach in our training. The foundation skill of a doula is to be present, in her own body, in the space, with the woman and her partner, with the pr...