Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Topics covered in the BiA Doula Advanced Training – Level 2 are:

Tools/skills during Pregnancy:

  • Preparation, prenatal sessions, released waters and no contractions, going past 42 weeks / facing induction
  • Polarity
  • Foot massage
  • Anatomy review
  • Prenatal appointments – in small groups (what questions do you ask? How do you structure?)
  • Encouraging a breech baby to turn head down:
  • Positions-pelvic tilt
  • Rebozo

Tools/skills during labour:

  • When birth is taking twists and turns – not engaged baby, asyncliticism, posterior, stalled labour, issues during pushing;
    Use of rebozo, positioning, accupressure, massage, peanut ball

Tools/skills for postpartum:

  • Postpartum sessions, recognising problems
    Rebozo closing

We work with interactive methods:

  • Practicing hands on techniques with each other, role play, reflection, case studies
  • When going into the theory there’s room for questions, sharing of knowledge, experiences, interaction with the group; when watching birth clips, there’s reflection / interaction time afterwards.

Advanced Training: €675

This includes 3 days training (22,5 contact hours), reader, tea, snacks, potluck lunch, certification process at completion and the above mentioned.

The approximate cost of the required reading list is €85,- and that of the recommended list is an additional €75,-.

Advanced Doula Skills Training – Level 2

In English June 18th, 19th, 20th 2020 Book Now

In Dutch September 17th, 18th, 19st 2020
*training in Dutch, materials in English Book Now