Integration / Practice / Case study Day

Integration / Practice / Case study Day

We are offering a day of interactive study, review and case study for students who have a need or wish to (re)connect and practice together. The day will be focused on practice and information concerning the doula role during labour and birth.

One of the teacher (Marlies, Joyce or Jennifer) will be there to facilitate the day as well as give feedback, fine tuning and give supervision.

You are welcome to send in a case study in advance, to: Give a short description of the labour and birth or of any other issue (make sure it’s fully anonymous) and your questions / reflection that you want to put forward. We will probably choose 1 or 2 case studies to review together.

Also let us know any doula skills you would like to go over, let us know what questions you have, so that we can tailor the day to those specific needs.

For questions around other topics (i.e. internships, doula packages / pricing etc), we will organise a Q&A in the near future.


5 November 2021 – in English
Location: Naar Zee Yoga, Bert Haanstrakade 102 Amsterdam
Time: 10am – 4.30pm (doors open from 9.30 uur)
Price: €65,-
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