Movie Nights

Movie Nights

At the BiA Centre Amsterdam, we’ll regularly hold screenings of movies related to birth. These will be often open for the public, and sometimes just for BiA students/graduates. Keep yourself updated via our email list and/or our facebook page.


12th July 2019 we’ll be screening Guerrilla Midwife, a moving testimony of the work of Robin Lim to heal the earth one birth at the time. All proceeds will go towards supporting Bumi Sehat, the midwifery clinic run by Robin Lim on Bali.

“Filmed in Indonesia, Italy and the U.S. this captivating film has won numerous awards for its excellence and helped focus attention and much needed support on Maternal and Child survival and its correlation with violence in childbirth. Filming the work of Ibu Robin Lim and the people who protect the smallest citizens of Earth, is an ongoing passion for Filmmaker Déjà Bernhardt. She has mastered capturing on camera tender moments of childbirth and human bonding, as they unfold in our planet s most extreme locations of environmental and political disaster.”


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27th September 2019 we’ll be screening Orgasmic Birth the film that started the pleasurable birth movement! An eye opening movie created by internationally acclaimed doula and teacher Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Seven couples share their most intimate moments of giving birth. Learn about the benefits of a safe, sexy, orgasmic birth. 

Follow the stories of real couples as they experience giving birth naturally
More info:

Friday 12th July 2019; movie: Guerrilla Midwife

Friday 27th September 2019; movie: Orgasmic Birth

Time: 19.30 doors open, movie at 8pm-9pm + discussion afterwards

Price: €10,-

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Cancellation policy:

You can cancel the registration within 14 days after booking your ticket for the movie. After the 14 day period, you cannot get a refund. If the movie night takes place within 14 days of registration, you wave your right of withdrawal.