The Wondrous Pelvis, the Story of our Bones

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The Wondrous Pelvis, the Story of our Bones


Woman holding pelvic modelThe workshop will delve deeply into the wonderous world of our pelvic anatomy and the stories of our pelvis. ​​The pelvis is the space that holds the weight and balance of our bodies. You will gain insights from shared knowledge to somatic experience to allowing a deepening of understanding and liberation of movement. Deepening your embodied knowledge of the pelvis, will give an extra dimension to your understanding of pregnancy and birth.


  • How does your pelvis move? Explore its capacity and also its stiffness / lack of movement
  • Art – what’s your relationship with your pelvis ? What does it look like? What’s your ancestral relationship with your pelvis? 
  • Pelvic anatomy: bones , soft tissue, sexual anatomy 
  • Movement of  the pelvis – explanation of fascia
    • Moving from pelvic bones 
    • Moving from womb, ovary, cervix, vagina, clitoris , bowel, anus
    • Moving from muscles, fascia and ligaments 
  • Somatic consent movement  – what does a yes and a no feel like?  How does your body move with a yes and a no?  Increase awareness of somatic consent.
  • Reading the bones –  hands on touch of the bones of the pelvis listening to the body. Increase somatic listening skills, opportunity for the body to be ‘heard’
  • Self connection, self compassion and self acceptance, how can you nourish your pelvis?


For whom?
The course is accessible for both student and certified professionals: midwives, gynaecologists, kraamverzorgenden, doulas, counselors, childbirth educators and bodyworkers.

About the course facilitator, Claire Eccleston

The workshop is taught by experienced and registered midwife Claire Eccleston. She is a dynamic facilitator offering national, international and online workshops and speaking at conferences and events around the globe. She is based in New Zealand.

Claire is also a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and a mother of three beautiful children. She has been supporting women’s transitions since 2000. Attending births, offering childbirth education, pregnancy yoga and providing bodywork sessions. 

Claire is passionate about the ancient and sacred arts of birth work, bodywork and where they meet. Claire has a deep reverence for our bodies, the rhythms of our physical nature and our earthy intelligence. She honours this womb work with deep reverence, respect and gentleness. Claire is also a wild dancer.

Date: TBA
Time: 8.30 doors open, training from 9am – 5pm

Location: Naar Zee Stadsoase, Bert Haanstrakade 102, Amsterdam IJburg

Regular: €185,-
Students: €160,-

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