Rock your Baby

Rock your Baby: dancing when you’re pregnant

Would you like to:
  • have more energy during your pregnancy?
  • feel fit and strong during labour and birth?
  • have confidence in becoming a mother?

Come dancing at Rock your Baby!

Celebrate pregnancy

Relaxation, affirmation and meditation is also part of the class. Besides dancing there’s time to meet each other, share stories and empower each other. A place to celebrate pregnancy!

Prepare for birth

‘Rock your baby’ is not just a way to keep fit during your pregnancy. It also prepares you for birth. Child birth education, not from text books, but from within! You’ll learn something new each week:

  • Movements that can help you literally move through contractions
  • Birth positions to enhance comfort and reduce pain
  • How to have mind and body working together in labor and birth
  • And much more!
Partner workshop

In additional partner workshops you and your partner will learn how he/she can give you physical, emotional and mental support during labor and birth.

In these classes I include techniques from ‘’Dancing For Birth™”. These movements are especially designed and safe for the pregnant body. They will help you make room in your pelvis for optimal positioning of your baby. Those who have used these techniques report experiencing less pain and discomfort and less need for pain medication and medical intervention during birth.

When can I dance during pregnancy?

You can start anytime! It’s never too early or too late to start dancing.
You can dance through all of your pregnancy ánd even birth.
Even after you’ve given birth, you can come back and dance with your baby in a sling (from 6 weeks after giving birth).


Your teacher is Monique van der Werff, Dancing for Birth™ Instructor, doula, storytelling coach and trainer, actrice, writer, director.

More information:


New series: starts Wednesday 19 June– weekly classes from 10.00-11.30
Partner class:
Saturday 8 June 10.00-13.00


Single class: €17,50
6 classes: €85 euro
12 classes: €165 euro
Partner class: €65,- (for you and your partner)


Email or call/text for more information and registration: