Spinning Babies®

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Spinning Babies® Workshop

with Jennifer Walker Spinning Babies Approved Trainer

This workshop is for professionals who work with birthing families. Specialities include: midwives, nurses, obstetricians, childbirth educators, doulas, prenatal yoga instructors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists etc.

Learn how to encourage and support pregnant parents have more comfortable pregnancies and laboring parents having easier labors by using the Spinning Babies principles and techniques.

The Three Principles of Spinning Babies are: Balance, Gravity and Movement

Spinning Babies promotes better fetal positioning during pregnancy and labor through the use of specific techniques that help soften and balance pelvic ligaments and muscles that support the pregnant uterus and pelvic floor. We relate pelvic alignment and mobility to an easier and shorter birth..

Spinning Babies gives your work greater success by teaching you specific techniques. You will learn to know when to do what- and why – to help baby engage, descend and rotate through the pelvis. You will practice techniques for when labor stalls due to lack of engagement or transverse arrest for example.

Spinning Babies will teach you about:

The anatomy and physiology of the pregnant uterus and the soft tissues that support the pelvic structures

The effects of an occiput posterior labor

Assessing what a stalled labor pattern is telling us

What techniques we can apply to ease labor progress through the three levels of the pelvis How a doula, within her scope of practice, can use the Spinning Babies principles

Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop begins. Wear comfortable clothes as we will be actively doing activities. If you have a rebozo, please bring it. Babies in slings or arms welcome.

You will receive a confirmation of attendance. No video recording and please use any photos taken appropriately.

If you are on call for births: let Jennifer know by sending an email to jenniferwalker@spinningbabies.com. If you are at a birth you must call by 8:00 am the day of the workshop and a full refund will be given.


For Dates, check the Spinning Babies website: Spinning Babies® Workshops