Trainings for Professonials

BiA Training offers a wide variety of trainings for professionals who work with women / people and their partners in pregnancy, birth and postpartum: doulas, midwives, gynaecologists, nurses, maternity nurses, childbirth educators, pregnancy yoga teachers, chiropractors, masseurs. It is a joy to bring together people from different professional backgrounds, who have the same passion for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We offer:

  • Coaching Skills – fine tune your active listening skills and how to ask those questions that invite your client to explore more
  • Breathing for Birth – get to know the depth and versatility of your own breath and how you can support your clients during birth
  • Principles of Holding Space for Trauma – foundational course to trauma informed care (7 hours)
  • Holding Space for Trauma – Diving Deeper – extensively develop your trauma informed care skills, both for you client and yourself in this 3-day (in-person) and 2 two hour follow up meetings via zoom. Accessible for experienced birth professionals
  • Landscape of Loss – stillbirth, baby in NICU, grieve, supporting loss births (miscarriage)
  • Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Birth – which oils can you use and how to use them safely
  • Breastfeeding, Babies and Doulas – get more knowledgable about breastfeeding so you can support your client even better
  • Pregnancy Massage Training – in three days you learn how to give a full body massage to your clients
  • Postpartum Massage Training – learn which partial massages are beneficial in the (immediate) postpartum period, and learn how to give a full body massage for the postpartum mother
  • Spinning Babies® – learn how to encourage and support pregnant parents have more comfortable pregnancies and labouring parents having easier labours by using the Spinning Babies principles and techniques.

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In organising different trainings we aim to create a community where we can be inspired and learn from each others. We welcome you and hope to meet you here!